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About US

 in March 1403 16 July 1982 Act No. 5 of 1982 concerning the establishment of the Zakat House as a public body with an independent budget as Zakat House have legal personality under the supervision of the Minister of Awqaf and Islamic Affairs and the founding of Zakat House step leading to the corner of Islam and to facilitate its work on collecting and distributing Zakat and to better and more efficient ways of permissible according to sharee'ah and commensurate with the rapid developments in the community and its need




  • Leadership and excellence in the service of Zakat and charity work locally and externally


  • Zakat House, "an independent governmental body" means the obligation of Zakat through the collection and development of Zakat resources and good things and spent locally and externally with the highest level of efficiency and excellence, and seeks to quantitative and qualitative expansion of services provided by the beneficiary groups of benefactors and beneficiaries in accordance with the development needs of the community through the adoption of financial systems and administrative comply with the provisions of Islamic Sharia and quality standards and corporate governance.


The geographical and media proliferation and the development of human resources is a vital part of the house according to the message of action plans is compatible with the orientations of the state in development.


Our strategic objectives

The General objectives of the strategy

  • Increase the efficiency of the institutional and organizational construction development.
  • Zakat Development and income.
  • Develop and investment returns.
  • Diversification services and expenditure of Zakat and income and development.
  • Develop scientific and media activity.