About Us



About us
In Rabi' Al-Awal 1403 AH coincident with 16th January 1982, the law no.5 for the year1982 was issued about establishing Zakat House as a public authority with an independent budget and a legal personality and submits to the supervision of the Minister of Awqaf and Islamic Affairs. Establishing Zakat House was a pioneering step to revive one of the Islamic pillars and facilitate its fulfillment. It works on collecting and distributing Zakat and charities by the best, most efficient and legally permissible ways that suit the rapid developments and the needs of the society. 


Our vision

Leadership and excellence in serving Zakat and charity work locally and abroad. 



 Our message 

Zakat House "Independent government body" takes care of the obligation of Zakat through collecting and developing Zakat and charity sources and spending them locally and abroad with the highest levels of efficiency and excellence. It seeks quantitative and qualitative expansion in the provided services through the beneficiary categories of benefactors and beneficiaries. This is in consistent with the development needs of the community, by applying financial and administrative systems that comply with the provisions of Islamic laws, quality standards, and corporate governance. The geographic and media expansion along with the development of human resources are a substantial part of the Zakat House message. This is according to the work plans that adapt with the country's orientations in progression.  



Our strategic goals 

1- Raising the efficiency of the institutional performance and developing the organizational structure. 
2- Increasing the revenues of Zakat and charities. 
3- Developing the investments and raising the incomes. 
4-Diversing and developing the services and ways of spending zakat's' revenue. 
5- Developing the academic and media activity.