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Under The Growing Relationship Between The Two Brotherly Peoples

Al-Kandari: Kuwait Office for Charity Projects in Cairo Completed and served many Humanitarian Charitable Projects During The First Half Of 2018


The Director of the Kuwaiti Office for Charity Projects in Cairo, Zakat House , Mr. Ismail Abdullah Al-Kandari, said that the office is keen to implement the vision of the house to achieve leadership and excellence in the service of Zakat and charitable work locally and abroad. In its legitimate banks with the highest level of efficiency and excellence, and to provide its humanitarian charitable activities to all segments of society .

Al-Kandari said that these various activities come in light of the growing good relations between the two brotherly peoples in the State of Kuwait and the Arab Republic of Egypt and in order to activate the various cooperation protocols signed between the ministries of Awqaf in both countries. The Office documents the activities, activities and periodic activities of its administrative units carried out during the first half of 2018 in a special report as follows:

Construction and Maintenance Projects:

Al-Kandari said that the office is in the process of implementing 10 projects of mosques, institutes and complexes, in addition to supporting and completing 25 charitable projects and completing the maintenance of 7 projects in 15 Egyptian governorates.

Charitable Projects and Social Services :

Al-Kandari said that the office accommodates one of the most important charitable projects in the Republic of Egypt, namely the orphan and the student of science, where the House of Zakat provided 2925 orphans and 1050 students in various stages of study (university 869 - MA 67 - PhD 25) 89 students.

Social Assistance and Treatment Service:

Al-Kandari said that the office ended the disbursement of 63 monthly social assistance, 132 cases of social assistance cut, 21 disbursed medical assistance and 364 cases of social assistance conditional, in addition to study the requests of the associations that need support and provide a detailed report on them and their needs, Special attention is paid to the benevolent benefactors who wished to allocate their generous donations in the Republic of Egypt.

Kuwaiti families :

Al-Kandari pointed out that the Office is providing regular and material assistance to the families of Kuwaiti families in Cairo registered in the project. The office is also carrying out periodic follow-up in coordination with the Embassy of Kuwait in Cairo and the Zakat House. The matters relating to these families and what is new in their statements and their modification to the automated program.

Seasonal Projects (Breakfast Project):

Al-Kandari said that the office carried out the breakfast project in the holy month of Ramadan this year in cooperation with the official authorities in the sister republic of Egypt in 20 governorates of the Upper Egypt and lower Egypt  by providing 15000 cartons of food items containing dry meals and miscellaneous supplies. Families of orphans and poor families in 50 different regions in the mentioned governorates. The project was funded this year by Zakat House and improved by the State of Kuwait .

Technical support :

Al-Kandari said that the office is subject to internal audit in all financial matters under the direct supervision of the director of the office and the audit office at the headquarters. It is also subject to external audit by the Audit Bureau, the Ministry of Finance in Kuwait and an external audit office in accordance with International Financial Reporting Standards and final accounts.

Al-Kandari pointed out that the office is keen to implement the quality management system and work on diversity in the methods of providing various services to ensure customer satisfaction. The office obtained the latest version of the ISO 9001-2000 certificate to keep up with the application of the latest quality management systems applied. Also the customer complaints management system specification, which carries the number 2014 - 10002 ISO, which is considered the standard is the second specification of the systems applied in the office .

Information Systems :

Al-Kandari pointed out that due to the urgent need to keep abreast of the successive developments in the use of advanced technological mechanisms, the Office attaches special importance to upgrading the devices and developing the automated programs to improve the quality of performance. A number of tasks were carried out during the first half of this year, And make amendments to the Office models in the administrative quality management system, and the implementation of maintenance and maintenance of computers and computers and printers, has also been updated for the version of the server 2012, and the work of the backup of the server and Outlook, For Windows 10 and Office 2013 for some users' devices. Steps will be taken to create File Server in coordination with Headquarters, and to prepare steps for the WSUS server to download the update from the Microsoft User and Server Devices site.

Public Relations and Media :

Al-Kandari said public relations and media in the Kuwaiti office for charitable projects plays an essential role in strengthening the mental image of the office with its customers by opening several channels of communication with various agencies and organizations and enhancing means of communication between them through many visits to officials in order to establish Good relations and maintaining bridges of mutual trust with various parties, including visits to Ambassador Mohamed Saleh Al-Thoikh, "Ambassador of the State of Kuwait in the Arab Republic of Egypt" to brief him on all the activities of the Office and coordination with him in supporting the office's march in the sisterly Republic of Egypt, M larger Prof. Dr. / Ahmed Mohamed Tayeb "Sheikh of Al-Azhar Al-Sharif, and the visit of Prof. Dr. / Mohamed Mokhtar Gomaa" Egyptian Minister of Religious Endowments. ", And the visit of Dr. Shawki Abdel Karim Allam," Mufti of the Arab Republic of Egypt.

On the occasion of the celebration of the 57th anniversary of the National Day, and attending the 28th International Conference of the Supreme Council for Islamic Affairs under the title of "Al-Azhar International Conference in Support of Jerusalem" and the ceremony held by the Embassy of the State of Kuwait in Egypt, - The industry of terrorism and the risk and inevitability of confrontation and its mechanisms. And attended the ceremony of the 25th International Contest of the Holy Quran and participation in the eighth orphanage in Kuwait under the patronage and attendance of His Excellency Dr. Fahd Mohammed Al-Afasi, Minister of Awqaf and Islamic Affairs.

Al-Kandari said that the office witnessed many visits to the office in Cairo, including the visit of HE Dr. Fahad Mohammed Al-Afasy, Minister of Justice and Minister of Endowments and Islamic Affairs, and accompanying delegation, Mr. Zakaria Abdullah Al-Ansari, Assistant Undersecretary for Legal Affairs, Al-Mutairi, Advisor to the Permanent Representative of Kuwait to the League of Arab States, Mr. Meshaal Majid Al Awali, Director of the Technical Support Department at the Ministry of Awqaf, Mr. Dhari Jazaa Al-Mutairi, Head of Studies Department at the Minister's Office, and Mr. Mohamed Ghareeb Al-Ghareeb, Head of Conferences and Symposia Department. The Director of the Office and his assistant received and explained the activities and programs of the Office, and the Minister and the accompanying delegation inspected the various units of the Office .

And the visit of Mr. Waleed Mashari (Director of Sheikh Abdullah Al-Nouri Association), where he was received and explained the activities of the Office, and discussed ways to develop fruitful cooperation with the Office, as well as mechanism and controls of humanitarian and charitable work in the Arab Republic of Egypt.

The office also visited Ms. Noura Khalifa Al-Dagheishm, Director of the Quality Control Office and Ms. Shaima Masoud Al-Banas, Quality Auditor, to inspect the Quality Unit and the Office's departments. Mrs. Khalida Abdullah Hudhayfeh, Head of Planning Department, "Planning Officer" to conduct several meetings to discuss the observations and queries regarding the 2017/2018 and 2018/2019 operational plan and the strategic performance indicator of the Office, in addition to reviewing the latest developments in the implementation procedures of the Zakat House Award for Outstanding Performance .

In addition to the visit of Mr. Mohamed Yousef AbdulMaati Shark, "Operation and Systems Development Monitor", and Mr. Walid Khalil Ibrahim Al Yassin, "Operation and Systems Development Monitor." They were received and held several meetings in order to evaluate the technical status of the automated systems in the Office, With the headquarters of the Zakat House.

Mr. Fahad Awad Al-Azmi, Director of the Financial Affairs Department and Mr. Mohamed Ghazzari Ayed Rmeih, Controller of Financial Affairs, to discuss the disbursements and surpluses of the budget, the Zakat budget and the general budget, the budget approved for 2018/2019, On the staff of the Office, the initial draft of the second section of the estimated budget of the Office for 2019/2020, and an interview with the new external audit office, Crowe Horwath.

At the end of his statement, Al-Kandari thanked all the employees of the Kuwait Charity Projects Office and the Zakat House for their great efforts in serving Zakat and all charitable and humanitarian activities. He also thanked the distinguished people for their trust in the Zakat House .